Driven to Play (National PBS)

Released: September 13, 2003


Driven to Play follows five guitarists as they compete for the championship title of the North American Rock Guitar Competition. Passion, pain and glory come together over the course of a three day event in the summer of 2003. Funky rock, rock-tinged blues, shredding metal, and fretless glass-neck virtuosity are on display but the real stories are the emotional highs and lows and the inner force that drives a musician. The film features interviews with legendary musicians Rik Emmett and Sid McGinnis.

Written, Produced and Directed by
Paul Lamont

Field Producers
Regina Ticco
Christy May
David Rotterman

Kevin Minderler
Rich Lee
Steve Hayes
Lloyd Fales

Lighting Director
Jack Cummings

Chris Bove

John Grant