Glorious Battle: The Siege of Fort Erie

Released: June 22, 2011


This is the way PBS should make all of its documentary films from now on. Suberbly directed, shot and edited.”

– Peter Twist, Historical Reenactment Consultant

Consultant for: Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Patriot 

In the summer of 1814, Fort Erie in Canada became the focus of two nations.  American forces held the fort and the British wanted it back.  In a desperate struggle during what many saw as a futile war, thousands would be lost.  It became known as the siege of Fort Erie and it was one of the bloodiest engagements of the War of 1812.  It is also a pointed example of how, in war, a battle objective often takes on a greater sense of importance than the situation dictates.  Glorious Battle brings this moment in Canadian and American history into vivid focus as it recounts the events that left both sides of the Niagara River in ruins and Old Fort Erie as the bloodiest battlefield in Canada.


Written, Produced and Directed by
Paul Lamont

Scott Sackett

Narrated By
Victor Garber

Director of Photography/Assistant Director
James P. Gribbins

Chris Bové

Original Music
David Kane

Project Advisors
Donald Hickey
Donald Graves
James Hill

David Rotterman