Herbert Hauptman: Portrait of a Laureate (Regional PBS)

Released: June 22, 2008


Herbert Hauptman: Portrait of a Laureate (2008)
Dr. Herbert Hauptman received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985. The fact that he is a mathematician makes receiving the Nobel even more noteworthy because no mathematician has ever been given this prestigious award. Dr. Hauptman pioneered and developed a mathematical method that has changed the entire field of chemistry and opened a new era in research in the determination of molecular structures. In the wake of a career that has spanned over sixty years, he leaves the legacy of the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute in Buffalo, NY, a world renowned leader in the field of X-Ray crystallography committed to improving human health through study, at a molecular level, the causes and potential cures of many diseases. Herbert Hauptman: Portrait of a Laureate is an intimate biography of a modest man who is fiercely passionate about math, deeply committed to science, unwavering in his convictions, and resolutely devoted to his family.

Written, Produced and Directed by
Paul Lamont

Associate Producer
Regina Ticco

Narrated By
Richard Wesp

Director of Photography
Jack Cummings

Christopher Thomas

Original Music
Shaun Mullins

David Rotterman
Awards: Telly Award